Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - Personal Project - C

Places and Things
For this project I will be taking pictures of various things that students do during the day. and how they spend their free time.

This picture appealed to me because it was going the same direction that I wanted to go. Taking pictures of other people maybe working or playing cards.

I ended up taking pictures of people doing homework the same way as how she does it in this photo.

I knew the library would have people on their phones so I managed to find a photo that I was thinking about in my head.

Digital Contact Print
I decided to take 3 out of the 20 pictures that I took. I chose a picture of the drone, Cards, and an individual picture of a card. I found these to be most appealing to me because they were very simple without much going on the the background. This made it look more interesting. In my think tank, they liked how to backgrounds are blurry, and said it allowed us to focus on the main subject.

My success for this project was being able to take pictures of interesting things that were around school. I found the cards to be the most interesting because you can manipulate people to make them think of something that isn't. My challenges for this was finding things to take photographs. I found that a lot of things that are taken in photography are very repetitive for example the track. So finding things to take was an adventure.

BLOG POST: The theme and plan of action explanation does not provide much insight/ details to what will be explored for the project. Providing thoughts on who, where, when, and how you plan to capture images for the theme will guide in getting feedback and direction to the series of work. There are no citations to the images of inspiration, think tank feedback is missing, and screenshots of editing techniques to one of the final images is missing. The final image sizes vary in the blog post and there is no description to the final images.

ART WORK: Two of the final three images show something very similar (cards/card playing) and the range of possibilities for the topic of what students do during a day is quite vast. The final image of part of a propeller to a drone is the start to a interesting picture, but could have been more dynamic is the propellor was moving to capture action.  

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