Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mobile Device Project #1 (Framing)

For this series of pictures my intent was to capture images using the 'framing' technique. This technique surrounds the main subject with other elements of the picture to ensure the main subject is the main focus. I wanted to play around with this technique and try out some more creative and humorous solutions.

This first image is pushing the perspective of the subject (my son) through the lens of a drinking glass. A smaller version of him is framed in from the glass. I like to use the 'JUNO' filter and increase the contrast settings of this picture.

This example is again with my son at the park with the framing of the playground equipment and a low point of view to capture this picture. I also wanted to have a bit more contrast of the bright sky and the negative shapes of the equipment to surround his head. I used a boarder for this example in the filters and added an additional vignette the draw more attention to the center of the picture.

This example again was taken at the playground, but the subject was of my wife in the distance. I added a boarder to the picture to compliment the circular shape of the playground equipment and used the 'CLARENDON' filter with an addition of fade and vignette of settings to the edit to give a more subdue feel.

This is an example with my daughter in a playhouse playing 'peek a boo'. I had taken about a dozen shots to get a nice facial reaction from her. I added a boarder and vignette with a boost of saturation to the edit. I also used 'tilt shift' to blur the areas around my daughter.

This last picture is during our move and it was captured while my daughter was playing in one of the empty boxes. I used the 'GINGHAM' filter and increased the shadow and vignette to the overall edit. I wanted to also play with the point of perspective with a high point of view conflicting with the other example of my son using the low point of view.

Overall this was a more enjoyable project since one of my preferred compositional devices is the use of framing. I am with my family all the time, so I made the most of it for selecting them as the subject to the pictures. The big challenge was to capture different, interesting shots with my kids, so I focused also on point of view to help break up the similarities of the pictures. I prefer to take pictures of landscapes and architecture, but this was a nice change for me.