Tuesday, January 17, 2017


What is the Aperture and how does the shutter affect the subject within the picture?

Digital contact print of 20 images (10 images shallow dof/10 images deep dof)
Identify 3 images that have a shallow dof and 3 images deep dof

In the digital contact above I have taken a whole range of images from water, animals, to people with both freezing and blurring motion. The top images for freezing motion are highlighted in white. My
favorite images from these frozen images would be the fish and the cat as the timing works well overall. The images selected for blurring motion are highlighted in yellow. I really like the image of the waterfall and the man spinning the silk and I will be editing those two for the final.

Final images-

shallow dof 1

shallow dof 2

deep dof 1
deep dof 2