Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - Places

Plan of Action:

For this project I will be on a school trip in Barcelona, Spain, so I plan to shoot the city scape and show the detail in the architecture.  I want to focus more on the hidden aspects of the city that may be more generic or less unseen by tourist, and when we venture into Girona, Spain, I plan to shoot there as well.  I will have my DSLR camera with me as well as a zoom lens to allow me to get close and to really capture the details of the city.  I also plan to edit the images in black and white, as to draw more attention to the detail and less to the colors or the paints of the detail.  I want to base my work off of some from Vulture labs, such as the images below:

I chose this image because of the way there is slight symmetry and natural lines, yet your eye really focuses on the detail of the buildings itself.

I chose this image because of the reflection, however I don't plan to use reflections in my images. I mainly chose this because although there are probably people and cars driving along the bridge, the are unnoticeable so you focus on the architecture.

I chose this image because of the way the photographer really zoned in on the detail so that it could be from any building or bridge or wall.  I want like theirs for my images to be solely about the patter and the design of the building not so much the entire place itself. 

Although not all Images of Barcelona, or Spain, I chose these images because of the simplistic focus on detail, and the lack of people.  I like the repetition of patterns and the slight symmetry within both images, and I plan to focus on both of these aspects within my work.  

Think Tanks #1:

After talking with Niels, he stated that I should take perspective and point of view into account when shooting.  He also said don't photograph a ton of building at once, focus on one and its details.  In terms of editing he said to use blur and possible futures to increase the visual detail of the image, also to mess around with the black and whites of the image pre editing so that when I change it to B&w its stronger.

Digital Contact Print:

I chose these image for my final work because of the way they look.  The building carry visual weight and the architecture stands out due to a surplus of negative space, simplistic lines, or a repetition of pattern.  However all three combine together to make visually intriguing images. After talking with others in the class, they suggested to keep in mind that although the images should have similarities, after editing, f some are too alike to remove them.  They also said to edit them so that when in black and white they aren't all the same darkness or have the same tones and shades.

Final Work:

Editing Steps:

Original Image

First in camera raw, I increased all the contract and vibrancy to create color definition within the sky and more visible contrast.

Next, I turned the image to black and white, and although the camera raw editing did something, i still wasn't apply with the contrast and texture of the sky and the tower.

Next I increased the contrast and brightness to enhance the color of the tower and o draw out the blacks in the sky.  i also wanted the image to not be as dark and heavy.

Finally, I adjusted the curves of light within the image to create a slight vignette in the image that adds to the visual weight as well as drawing your eye across the image from the tower.

Successes and challenges:

Overall, I enjoyed this project a lot, but i think I enjoyed mostly seeing the images after editing because the black and white made them recreate the image in my head.  This project was pretty simple, as I normally photograph architecture, however it was a little challenging to always remember how negative space plays a point in the image.  Lastly, I found it hard to narrow own my images to get the five that I have that all cohesively make the same statement.  I honestly wouldn't change a thing and I look forward to the next project.

ADV. Digital Photo - People

 Plan of Action:

For this project, I plan to to shoot portraits of baseball players in action at the varsity baseball games. I want to use a fast shutter sped to freeze movement and to allow for their story and stress to be shown within their actions.

Photo Shelter Blog
I like this image, how it doesn't use the face, but it still tells the the story of the game, and you can still predict what will happen.  It shows the more intricate details of the sport, and I hope with my images to have one or two more tightly focused like this one.

I chose this image because I not only like how you can see the ball, but how he is the only thing within focus.  You get to feel his pressure and the tenseness of the moment without being swayed by the fans in the crowd or the people on the bench.
I chose this image, because i enjoy the interaction amongst players, and how there is more than one person in the image.  I also like how their emotion showcases the moment on the field.  I hope to use shots like this where emotion is stressed within the players face.

Think Tank 1:

After talking with people, I was given the opinions, that batting pictures have the most visual weight as there is tension.  People also said to use close up shots of their faces and to use shots of the runners on base as it is not as common to see.  They also said to defiantly keep the shots of the team as well as the images with more than one player.  This way the whole story is explained from small detail, to larger affect.  I was also informed to keep in mind that when editing, be conscience of light and to have the same balance of it within every image.

Digital Contact Print:

I chose these images as my final images because I chose to not using images where the face is the primary focus, as I want the team to be more of the focus instead of the individual player.  I also like how when edited, increased clarity and contrast will make the dirt, uniforms, and equipment stand out against the already defined fence.  I also appreciated the aperture when choosing because I want the players to remain as the sole focus.

Final Work:

Editing Steps:


First, I increased the brightness of the image to bring out the color and texture within it, then I went through twice and changed the contrast.  The first time to change the contrast on the uniforms, and the second because I wanted to increase the contrast of the fence.

Next, I worked with the exposure to under expose the image a little bit, so that it wasn't as bright, but so it still retained the color and texture.

Later, I adjusted the vibrancy so that the color red on the uniforms and ground along with the greys in the uniform weren't so shocking and it was rather a duller and overcasts feel.

Lastly, I messed with the hue and saturation to decrease the green of the fence so that it wouldn't draw to much attention away from the rest of the red based image.

Successes and Challenges:

Overall, I liked this project because the subject of baseball is something that I've gotten to photograph for years.  I found it challenging at first to photograph because the balls are hit much faster, and I almost got hit, so I had to find a guarded place that would still give a good vantage point.  That deemed my only challenge, and after that I was able to capture genuine shots of the team, and the editing all came together due to the color consistency within the images.

ADV. Digital Photo - Design Elements

Plan of Action:

For this project, I plan to shoot while in Singapore and in Perth for spring break.  I chose for this project to use the device of texture, but more specifically, natural texture.  I chose this because of the way that it photographs and enhances the visual weight and the connection between picture and person as the audience is able to almost feel the image subject.  I plan to solely shoot natural texture such as flowers, wood, leaves, sand, and other items to complete this project while also filling along the lines of flailing the frame as a way to really highlight the texture.  I then plan to increase contrast and clarity to make the texture within the image stand out.

John Cavacas Photography
I chose this image because of the way the texture is exposed by the light, while also having contrast from shadows.  I am undecided about color vs black and white, but no matter what, I plan to make sure that my photography and my editing showcases this contrast.
I chose this image because of the way the light plays into the texture, as well as how there is the repeating comb shape that adds another layer of texture to the image.
I chose this image because of the way that color is not the main focal point, but instead the texture of the stem.  Although not fill the frame, I like the use of contrast to make the eye narrow in on the textures of the flower and stem.

Think Tank 1:

After talking with some of the guys in the class, it was discussed that the idea was pretty cool, but to maybe combine two separate "series" for the final, such as one with more florals, and one with more wood grains.  Another concept was to experiment with black and whites, because some items can flaunt it well while others, like strawberries may seem off.  I was also told that if i lean toward flora, to be cautious of it becoming to "stock photo" like as flowers are a common image subject.

Digital Contact Print:

I decided to go with wood items for my them, as they seemed to hold and reveal the most texture.  I chose these images because they were all different from one another and they each showcase a different "type" of natural wooden texture, and each one is different in terms of light values and contrast so they can each make their own statements while still being connected when looked at as a series.


Editing Steps:


First I changed the image to black and white to make the texture the focus instead of the multiple greens and browns that are prevalent

Next I messed with brightness and contrast to darken the image a little and begin to bring out the shadows and whites that were in the picture.

Finally, I messed with the curves to control the direct spots of contrast and light values within the photo.  I used this to brighten the image while still keeping the textural contrast.

Successes and Challenges:

Overall, I liked this project, but it did come with its challenges.  The hardest part was to photography textures yet to have the images all stand out and be different.  However, I found it really interesting as I was able to locate and experiment with composition and new editing techniques, as they could be pushed over "normal" as it wouldn't warp skin or facial features, or things that are deemed regular.

ADV. Digital Photo - Personal Project - B

Project #1: People and Animals

Plan of Action
In my first project, I plan to take pictures of people. I will capture images of living things interacting with each other to show companionship. To capture companionship I will need to be taking pictures when hanging out with friends, as I want the images to look candid and less posed. The end result will be a series of five pictures.

I'm going to use my friends as models and take pictures wherever we go to hang out. I'll take pictures during the day so that I can capture action shots that aren't blurry. This will help me capture the candid, "in the moment" feel.

Images of Inspiration

Think Tank 1/13 feedback:
- Take pictures of multiple types of companionship, not just typical images (like couples etc)
- Give different perspectives

Digital Contact Print

I like these 3 photos because they show companionship the most. There is direct interaction going on which connects all of the images.

Think Tank 1/20 feedback:
- Animal images are good, people images not connected to the animal images so much because there isn't really direct interaction between the people

Editing Techniques

Final Images:

My concept was companionship, and I think I displayed this well. I set up my pictures to go from animal to animal interaction, human to animal interaction and than finally human to human interaction. There is obvious companionship/interaction in these pictures, and presented in a mostly non-cliche way. The last picture is a little cliche and I could have tried harder to capture a better photo of interactions between humans. Some challenges that I encountered was the weather. I only really had time to go out and take pictures over the weekend and both days were really grey and so the lighting was not too great. Overall however I really like my concept and the outcome.

Final Print

BLOG POST: The plan of action is quite vague as to where pictures will be captured (The zoo and Clarke Quay would help in describing where). The images of inspiration are missing a description as to why they were chosen. An explanation of the screen shot of editing techniques is missing. 

ART WORK: The two images of the animals and people and fish are close up, the example of the couple would fit better as a series with a tighter crop to leave out the metal poles on the right.