Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Still Life Drawing- B

In this drawing I used several new techniques, for example I used the rule of thirds to position my items. To add value to my drawing I used many different types of pencils, such as, 2 H, 4 B, and 5B, I also used charcoal to create an absolute black and I used a white chalk to add more of a contrast between the lights and darks. One of the challenges I faced while creating this piece was ignoring my instinct to look down at my paper and draw what I thought the object should look like rather than just looking at the object the whole time I'm drawing.

Artwork: The drawing is meeting the expectations in following the four steps in rendering, follow the contour, light/dark placement, surface contour shading. The light/dark placement and shadow placement can be further refined to move towards exceeding expectations.
Blog post: Explanation to the steps in creating the still life drawing is partially complete and can be more descriptive. A description of rendering, follow the contour, and surface contour shading as terms and techniques used in the process should be included. In addition, an explanation to the rule-of-thirds as a compositional device can be included. 

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