Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still Life Drawing - C+

In my still life I used an apple. a pear and a pair of scissors. I chose to frame the scissors between the apple and the pair to show an image with a simple yet stylish display. It was difficult to show the framing in the image because of the large amount of shadows present.  When I began working with these items I found myself using rounded lines to implicate a variety of curves and shapes. I also used light shadowing to make the 2d image appear slightly more 3d looking. I found my struggles came most when attempting to draw the pear, the variation in the pear with the curved rounding in multiple directions. The apple had two main curves to it, up to down and left to right while the pear appeared to have three or more the left and right, up and down and the multitude of diagonals made it difficult to fully make the pear seem like a 3d shape in 2d form. The scissors had a strong light and dark tones where within millimeters it could go from nearly pure black to nearly pure white. I used the graphite stick, my pencil, vine charcoal along with white pastel to present these abrupt changes. Before I began the contour shape, I placed the key light and dark places, but as I went along I found myself finding more and more places where it was dark and light. The apple was a major part of this with the bottom being a weirder shape then the rest. I found myself struggling to fully place all of the black spots, but I believe that in the end, I completed my work to the best of my ability.

Artwork: The example of framing is not demonstrated as overlapping of the objects are meant to be used in surrounding the chosen main object. This example has all three objects lined next to each other in a row which creates a very boring layout. The rendering of the shapes (apple and scissors) can still be seen and should be erased. The pear outline is too dark as objects in real life do not have a dark outline to them.

Blog post: The image can not be enlarged to look at the drawing in detail, and the text is not properly formatted in paragraph form. Separate ideas with full stops and in paragraph form is easier to read and more organized.  

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