Thursday, April 14, 2016

Digital Photography - Shutter Speed B

The shutter speed setting on a camera affects how long the camera's shutter stays open. The longer the shutter is open the more light it lets in and the the more blurred the motion is and the shorter the shutter speed is the sharper a moving object is and less light is able to enter.

I chose there four pictures beacuse I belive that they where able to best show how I could freeze and blur motion by changing the shutter speed

These two pictures demonstrate how I was able to blur motion in an image by slowing down the shutter speed and keeping the shutter open for a longer period of time

In these two images I showed how I sped up the shutter speed in order to freeze the subject in motion.

Some challenges I had during this project was trying to take a picture with good lighting, even though the camera was automatically calculating that apature for me and I was able to change the exposure some of my pictures still came out too dark or too light. To edit these pictures I used a filter in Photoshop inorder to blur the image and then applied a layer mask to make it so only the background was blurred while the subject remained in focus.

The Blog Post: All content is posted, but the explanation is very brief in the digital contact print and the final images. There is also some spelling errors in the the descriptions that needs to be revised.

The Image: Each of the images have been taken outside of the school that are more visually engaging. The last image could have been cropped in further to show the details of the moving cars, which is the main subject of the picture.  

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