Thursday, April 14, 2016

Digital Photography - Shutter Speed B+

Shutter is the feature that affects how blurry or how clear the picture is. If you have a fast shutter speed, you can freeze a picture vs if you have a slow shutter speed, you get a blurred picture. 

This is my digital contact print. I selected the images in red as the most interesting from the pictures that I had taken. The pictures were taken around campus such as in the gym during my basketball practice, in the art room, and finally around the science block and the library. 

This is a photo from basketball practice. It is a ball going through the net. It it completely frozen in the motion, therefore it is a frozen motion image. 

This is a picture of one of my friends shaking a can of coke and the liquid is exiting the can and i got a very clear picture due to my fast shutter speed. 

I think the most challenging thing about the freeze motion pictures is trying to get the picture on the first time. There was only so many times I could have my model dump out soda before i didn't have any left. I think i captured the freeze motions very well. I had a lot of fun shooting.

This is Natalie flipping her hair. it is a blurred image because her hair (the moving object) is blurred. 

This is my model Kara shooting a basketball. The main focus, the ball, is blurry, therefore making it a blurred image. 

I didn't have any challenges on taking these photos except the light. Sometimes the exposure would be too long or too short causing them to be really dark or really light. I believe both of these pictures are successes!

The Blog Post: Everything is in the blog post for the completion of the project. The student could have described in a sentence or two what the final selected images in the digital contact print were.

The Images: The examples capture both freezing and blurring motion. The example of the soda pushed out of the can is taken in a dark corridor and would need more light (flash, or in a lighted area). The white balance with the image of the girl flipping her hair is off a bit (too warm).  

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