Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - Personal Project - B

Project #1: People and Animals

Plan of Action
In my first project, I plan to take pictures of people. I will capture images of living things interacting with each other to show companionship. To capture companionship I will need to be taking pictures when hanging out with friends, as I want the images to look candid and less posed. The end result will be a series of five pictures.

I'm going to use my friends as models and take pictures wherever we go to hang out. I'll take pictures during the day so that I can capture action shots that aren't blurry. This will help me capture the candid, "in the moment" feel.

Images of Inspiration

Think Tank 1/13 feedback:
- Take pictures of multiple types of companionship, not just typical images (like couples etc)
- Give different perspectives

Digital Contact Print

I like these 3 photos because they show companionship the most. There is direct interaction going on which connects all of the images.

Think Tank 1/20 feedback:
- Animal images are good, people images not connected to the animal images so much because there isn't really direct interaction between the people

Editing Techniques

Final Images:

My concept was companionship, and I think I displayed this well. I set up my pictures to go from animal to animal interaction, human to animal interaction and than finally human to human interaction. There is obvious companionship/interaction in these pictures, and presented in a mostly non-cliche way. The last picture is a little cliche and I could have tried harder to capture a better photo of interactions between humans. Some challenges that I encountered was the weather. I only really had time to go out and take pictures over the weekend and both days were really grey and so the lighting was not too great. Overall however I really like my concept and the outcome.

Final Print

BLOG POST: The plan of action is quite vague as to where pictures will be captured (The zoo and Clarke Quay would help in describing where). The images of inspiration are missing a description as to why they were chosen. An explanation of the screen shot of editing techniques is missing. 

ART WORK: The two images of the animals and people and fish are close up, the example of the couple would fit better as a series with a tighter crop to leave out the metal poles on the right. 

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