Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - Personal Project- C+

Project 1 Plan of Action: Montage of Music

This is my digital contact print and I like the examples of the equipment on an angle to make the images feel more dynamic overall.
Project 1 Plan of Action:
  • Project title
The Montage of Music
  • An explanation to the theme of your project (the concept/big ideas)
Project revolves around expressing all the different types of music styes out there. By using low light and a deep depth of field, I want to take pictures of as many different kinds of instruments I can.
  • A minimum of three visual resources of inspiration (cited)            
  • Steps taken to complete this project (specific equipment, locations, models, props, lighting, compositional devices, ect…)
Creatory Singapore
Manila, Philippines

Compositional devices: Leading lines, Rule of Thirds, patterns/symmetry, framing

Light: Sunlight, Neon lights, Theatre lights, Silhouettes

Equipment: Camera and Tripod

Photos Chosen:

For this image I tried to capture depth of field and motion. I changed the temperature of the photo to be a little warmer and also changed the exposure to be brighter on the hands but darker on the drum.
I used the spot healing brush to remove spots on the wall that distracted from the main subject.

I captured this soundboard trying to use symmetry and patterns as well as a deep depth of field. In camera raw I turned down the temperature to complement the blue lighting and the color of the soundboard in the room.

I took a picture of this mandolin in the foreground with the electric ukulele in the background. The lighting was good for this photo since it highlighted the mandolin's center orange colour while keeping its dark blue perimeter. For editing I used Camera RAW to increase the temperature and exposure. In photoshop I made use of the spot healing brush to fix some lens flares and add a gaussian blur to the electric ukulele in the background.

I took a picture of this drum set, I left out a lot of the cymbals since I thought the ride cymbal would look great if it took up more space in the photo. Unlike my other photos, the foreground (ride cymbal) is more blurred than the background. During editing I used Camera RAW to lower the exposure of the area near the seat while increasing the exposure of the actual drum set. This was done in hopes to highlight the drums more than the cymbals or chair. I also used Camera RAW to lower the temperature to give it a bluer look and increase the highlights of the image. In photoshop I added a gaussian blur to the ride cymbal and sharpened the drum set.

I took a picture of this guitar rack to show a progression from acoustic to electric instruments. I didn't do a lot of editing for this photo since I felt that it was already pretty well executed. I only made changes in Camera RAW, in which I increased the highlights and decreased the shadows of the image.

Editing Process:


I had success in achieving a good depth of field for all of my shots. I also think I made use of compositional devices such as rule of thirds and leading lines. It was also easy to find places to take my photos. I think the lighting that I was able to obtain greatly complimented the instruments. 

Some challenges I faced while doing this project revolved around the editing process. I was a bit stumped on what to edit, so I ended up doing most of my editing in Camera RAW while only adding a few basic techniques from photoshop here and there (gaussian blur, sharpening, and healing brush).
At first it was hard to recall how to use photoshop since I hadn't touched it in a long time. However with the help of the videos on the class website, I was able to re-learn the techniques/tools.
Lastly, I ended up taking some of my photos in .jpg form which limited me while editing.

BLOG POST: The digital contact print is too large for the frame and should be placed after the theme explanation and plan of action. The images of inspiration are difficult to view since they are small file sizes. Screen shot of editing techniques missing for one of the final images. Think tank for digital contact print is missing.

ART WORK: The example of the person playing the drum is quite expressive and to see the instruments and equipment being handled for the purpose of playing would follow through with the initial plan of action of expression of music.  


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