Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - Design Elements

Plan of Action:

For this project, I plan to shoot while in Singapore and in Perth for spring break.  I chose for this project to use the device of texture, but more specifically, natural texture.  I chose this because of the way that it photographs and enhances the visual weight and the connection between picture and person as the audience is able to almost feel the image subject.  I plan to solely shoot natural texture such as flowers, wood, leaves, sand, and other items to complete this project while also filling along the lines of flailing the frame as a way to really highlight the texture.  I then plan to increase contrast and clarity to make the texture within the image stand out.

John Cavacas Photography
I chose this image because of the way the texture is exposed by the light, while also having contrast from shadows.  I am undecided about color vs black and white, but no matter what, I plan to make sure that my photography and my editing showcases this contrast.
I chose this image because of the way the light plays into the texture, as well as how there is the repeating comb shape that adds another layer of texture to the image.
I chose this image because of the way that color is not the main focal point, but instead the texture of the stem.  Although not fill the frame, I like the use of contrast to make the eye narrow in on the textures of the flower and stem.

Think Tank 1:

After talking with some of the guys in the class, it was discussed that the idea was pretty cool, but to maybe combine two separate "series" for the final, such as one with more florals, and one with more wood grains.  Another concept was to experiment with black and whites, because some items can flaunt it well while others, like strawberries may seem off.  I was also told that if i lean toward flora, to be cautious of it becoming to "stock photo" like as flowers are a common image subject.

Digital Contact Print:

I decided to go with wood items for my them, as they seemed to hold and reveal the most texture.  I chose these images because they were all different from one another and they each showcase a different "type" of natural wooden texture, and each one is different in terms of light values and contrast so they can each make their own statements while still being connected when looked at as a series.


Editing Steps:


First I changed the image to black and white to make the texture the focus instead of the multiple greens and browns that are prevalent

Next I messed with brightness and contrast to darken the image a little and begin to bring out the shadows and whites that were in the picture.

Finally, I messed with the curves to control the direct spots of contrast and light values within the photo.  I used this to brighten the image while still keeping the textural contrast.

Successes and Challenges:

Overall, I liked this project, but it did come with its challenges.  The hardest part was to photography textures yet to have the images all stand out and be different.  However, I found it really interesting as I was able to locate and experiment with composition and new editing techniques, as they could be pushed over "normal" as it wouldn't warp skin or facial features, or things that are deemed regular.

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