Sunday, May 29, 2016

ADV. Digital Photo - People

 Plan of Action:

For this project, I plan to to shoot portraits of baseball players in action at the varsity baseball games. I want to use a fast shutter sped to freeze movement and to allow for their story and stress to be shown within their actions.

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I like this image, how it doesn't use the face, but it still tells the the story of the game, and you can still predict what will happen.  It shows the more intricate details of the sport, and I hope with my images to have one or two more tightly focused like this one.

I chose this image because I not only like how you can see the ball, but how he is the only thing within focus.  You get to feel his pressure and the tenseness of the moment without being swayed by the fans in the crowd or the people on the bench.
I chose this image, because i enjoy the interaction amongst players, and how there is more than one person in the image.  I also like how their emotion showcases the moment on the field.  I hope to use shots like this where emotion is stressed within the players face.

Think Tank 1:

After talking with people, I was given the opinions, that batting pictures have the most visual weight as there is tension.  People also said to use close up shots of their faces and to use shots of the runners on base as it is not as common to see.  They also said to defiantly keep the shots of the team as well as the images with more than one player.  This way the whole story is explained from small detail, to larger affect.  I was also informed to keep in mind that when editing, be conscience of light and to have the same balance of it within every image.

Digital Contact Print:

I chose these images as my final images because I chose to not using images where the face is the primary focus, as I want the team to be more of the focus instead of the individual player.  I also like how when edited, increased clarity and contrast will make the dirt, uniforms, and equipment stand out against the already defined fence.  I also appreciated the aperture when choosing because I want the players to remain as the sole focus.

Final Work:

Editing Steps:


First, I increased the brightness of the image to bring out the color and texture within it, then I went through twice and changed the contrast.  The first time to change the contrast on the uniforms, and the second because I wanted to increase the contrast of the fence.

Next, I worked with the exposure to under expose the image a little bit, so that it wasn't as bright, but so it still retained the color and texture.

Later, I adjusted the vibrancy so that the color red on the uniforms and ground along with the greys in the uniform weren't so shocking and it was rather a duller and overcasts feel.

Lastly, I messed with the hue and saturation to decrease the green of the fence so that it wouldn't draw to much attention away from the rest of the red based image.

Successes and Challenges:

Overall, I liked this project because the subject of baseball is something that I've gotten to photograph for years.  I found it challenging at first to photograph because the balls are hit much faster, and I almost got hit, so I had to find a guarded place that would still give a good vantage point.  That deemed my only challenge, and after that I was able to capture genuine shots of the team, and the editing all came together due to the color consistency within the images.

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